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Public-private partnership allowance for R&D - PPP


Public-private partnerships (PPPs) and Top consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs) can apply for a PPP allowance. Every euro that private companies spend supporting research organisations in R&D cooperation generates an allowance of €0.30 from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. This allowance must be used for R&D.


The budget is 30% of the private cash and other contributions to research organisations for R&D projects in which at least one company and one research organisation are working together. In an R&D partnership, an increased percentage of 40% applies to the first €20,000 in private contributions. Please note that this amount will also apply to private contributions in kind. For example, the hours that a research institution uses a company's equipment can be budgeted as a private contribution in kind.

Private contributions to research projects made by a Dutch public benefit organisation, also apply for a partnership allowance. This is 25% of the PBO contribution. A maximum amount applies for PPP allowances related to PBO contributions. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency processes allowance applications involving PBO contributions in order of receipt, until this ceiling amount has been reached.


  • A partnership must involve at least one Dutch research institution and one entrepreneur.
  • Together participants will determine the extent and size of the partnership project, execute it together and share its risks and results.
  • In order to qualify for the allowance, the entrepreneur must make a substantial private contribution.
  • The project must consist of applied research, industrial research, experimental development or a combination of these.
  • The amount of the private contribution must be described in a partnership contract, including any non-cash contributions.


PPP involves 3 instruments:

Programme allowance for TKIs

This public-private partnership programme is for Top consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs). The allowance is meant for partnership projects, network activities or innovation brokers. Entrepreneurs and research organisations can join a TKI programme.

Project allowance for TKIs

The public-private partnership project allowance is for PPPs engaging in R&D. If a sizeable private cash contribution is expected to be made to the project, the TKI may receive a PPP allowance. The TKI must immediately use the allowance to finance the project. Entrepreneurs and research organisations can join a TKI programme.

Project allowance for a partnership via the coordinator

The public-private partnership appoints a coordinator based in the Netherlands. The coordinator applies for the project allowance on This allowance is available for the whole year. The coordinator must apply before 31 December 2019 17:00.

Joining a TKI

Entrepreneurs and research organisations can get in touch with a TKI in order to request a statement indicating that the project is compatible with the TKI programme, or to join a TKI programme.