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Are you an entrepreneur with the ambition and capacity to expand to international markets? Do you already know which market suits your product or service? Then apply for the Support International Business (SIB) subsidy. With this scheme, you can finance various activities that help you take the next step in international trade.

What is SIB?

You can use the Support International Business (SIB) subsidy to finance activities to improve your business chances in a specific country.

  • Transcription

    As an entrepreneur with the ambition and capacity to enter the international market, you see opportunities abroad.

    So, exporting is the next step in letting your business grow.

    How can RVO assist you with that?

    With the Support International Business or SIB subsidy, RVO offers you financial support to get started in a structural and socially responsible way in your country of export.

    For instance, you can use SIB to help you find business partners or potential buyers.

    Or for support in legal and fiscal matters in the country of export.

    You can also apply for SIB to get advice when you want to position or establish yourself abroad.

    To submit an application for SIB, first check which component best suits your needs.

    Then apply for the subsidy.

    If you meet the conditions, you will be awarded the subsidy.

    Realise your international ambitions and apply for Support International Business!

    Would you like more information? Check out the possibilities on our website.

Activities you can apply the subsidy to

SIB Collective activity

Along with other companies, you can participate in a trade mission or trade fair in a specific country to promote your product or service to potential customers. The collective activity also lets you connect with possible trading partners and investors.

SIB Individual trade fair participation

You can participate in a trade exhibition in a country of your choice to promote your product or service to potential customers. Trade fair participation allows you to connect with possible trading partners and investors.

SIB Market entry

With the help of a local expert, you will start new trade activities in your target country. These activities help position your product or service. The expert introduces you to local stakeholders.

SIB Coaching

With the support of a coach, you will learn how to organise exports to your target country. You can discuss the questions that might arise with your coach. After coaching, you will have enough knowledge to write an export plan and deal with other export-related subjects.

SIB Knowledge and skills

You will learn about your target country's judicial and fiscal situation with an expert. An expert can also conduct market research about a specific sector in the target country. Or you can follow a training course to improve your knowledge on doing international business in a specific country.

SIB Alternative markets

Is your business affected by the war in Ukraine and the resulting trade sanctions against Russia or other trade restrictions? You can use this subsidy to look for a replacement export market.

Extra grant for 'green' SIB activities

Are you going to take part in a 'green' fair or mission? From 2023, you can apply for an extra SIB subsidy. If your activity meets our conditions, the subsidy can amount to 80% of the eligible costs, up to €2,500.

We require the central theme of the fair or mission to address one of the 'green' goals categories (pdf in Dutch) from the 'Green Missions or Fairs Assessment Framework'.

For whom?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean territories can apply for the SIB subsidy. You must already know which foreign market you want to export your product or service to. Also, you must show that you have the capacity and ambition to take the next step in expanding your business internationally.


The total budget is €3,000,000.

Subsidy amount

The subsidy covers 50% of expenses up to a maximum of:

  • €1,000 for SIB Coaching
  • €1,500 for SIB Collective activity (for trade missions)
  • €2,500 for SIB Collective activity (for trade fairs)
  • €2,500 for other SIB activities.

How it works

Before applying for a SIB subsidy, please check which activity best suits your business needs. You can then:

  1. Look for an external consultant who can help you with your activity.
  2. After finding a suitable consultant, submit your subsidy application.
  3. Include a quotation and the consultant's CV with your application.

Once you have submitted a subsidy application, we will decide whether you are eligible for a subsidy within 13 weeks.

Changes to the previous SIB programme

From 1 April 2022, SIB changed from a voucher system to a subsidy. If you apply after 1 April 2022, you can get a subsidy if you meet the conditions.

Were you using SIB before 1 April 2022, and do you have a SIB voucher? You can still transfer and redeem the voucher within the applicable period.

Legislation and regulations

More information

Visit the Dutch SIB website for more information about SIB and how you can apply. Or contact one of our advisors; they will be happy to assist you.

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