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Apply for the SIB Market entry to start new trade activities in your target country with the help of a local expert. These activities must be aimed at positioning your product or service. The expert introduces you to local stakeholders.

SIB Market entry is part of Support International Business (SIB). With this subsidy, you can (partly) finance various activities that help you take the next step in international trade.

For whom?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean territories can apply for the SIB subsidy. You must know which foreign market you want to export your product or service to. Also, you must show that you have the capacity and ambition to take the next step in expanding your business internationally.

Subsidy amount

The subsidy covers 50% of expenses up to €2,500.


  • You use the subsidy to promote your product or service in your target country.
  • The local expert will only help introduce you to new local networks, maintain local contacts, and set up your business in your target country.
  • The external local expert meets the following conditions:
    • has at least a higher professional education (HBO) level of working and thinking;
    • has sector-specific experience or knowledge related to the aim of the application;
    • has a proven relevant network in the target country;
    • works for an organisation that offers services in the target country;
    • is not the applicant;
    • does not work at, work for or have a connection with the applicant.

How to apply

Follow these steps to apply for this subsidy:

  1. Look for an expert that suits your needs;
  2. Request a quotation and a resume from the expert. The quotation should state which services the person will deliver and the expenses per component;
  3. Apply for the subsidy within 3 months of receiving the quotation.

You or an intermediary must apply for the subsidy. The intermediary cannot be linked with the activity's organiser. Also, you cannot use the SIB subsidy for the same party paid with this grant.

Apply for a subsidy from the Netherlands

If you apply for a subsidy from the Netherlands, you will need eHerkenning level 2+. If you do not have this, please first request eHerkenning. It may take up to a few weeks to get eHerkenning level 2+.

Apply for a subsidy from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

If you are applying for a subsidy from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands:

  1. Use the designated form to apply from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  2. Complete this form and send it to Netherlands Enterprise Agency with the quotation and the advisor's resume.

After your application

We process complete applications only and in order of receipt. The date you sent the completed application is the date of receipt. You will receive a notification of our decision within 13 weeks.

We will pay the subsidy within 2 weeks if we approve your application. We will determine the subsidy 21 weeks after the subsidy date.

Random checks

We carry out random checks on subsidy applications. If we select your application for a check, we will ask you to provide extra information. If you do not respond to our in time, it will affect granting of the subsidy. You will risk having to pay back the subsidy plus a fine.

Report changes on time

Do you need to adjust your application after we have granted the subsidy? Please notify us before the end of the activity.

For subsidy applications from the Netherlands

  1. Visit (in Dutch);
  2. Choose the Beheren button and log in;
  3. Go to your case and choose what you want to change.

For subsidy applications from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Report your changes to

Remember to notify us about any changes. Not notifying us may have implications on granting the subsidy. You will risk having to pay back the subsidy plus a fine.

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