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Last checked on:
16 November 2022
Published on:
29 November 2019

The Dutch government has a worldwide economic network with more than 150 embassies, consulates and trade offices (NBSOs). They all support entrepreneurs in doing business abroad, including investments, R&D and partnerships.

Our international network

Business support for Dutch companies through our network of Embassies and Consulates.

Support for Dutch companies and entrepreneurs in the Agricultural and Food Sector.

Connecting innovation worldwide.

Supports you doing business abroad with knowledge of the local customs and network.

Enable Dutch businesses to take greater advantage of opportunities in trade, investment and research & development.

Promotes the interests of European trade promotion organisations (TPOs) in dialogue and collaboration with European institutes and other authorities.

Support for SMEs in more than 60 countries in Europe and beyond operating in international trade and innovation. Enterprise Europe Network is an initiative from the European Commission.

Helps you find partners experienced in projects involving the Sustainable Development Goals.


Helps entrepreneurs in both the Netherlands and the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands achieve their international ambitions.

Supports incoming visits to the Netherlands on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We organise the programmes' planning, content and logistics. Also, we host the delegation during the visit.

Help startups and scale-ups based in the Netherlands with market exploration abroad. The startup officers also know how to connect you to the right (business) partners worldwide.

Commissioned by:
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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