Growing or upscaling your business

Last checked on:
25 February 2022
Published on:
3 November 2021

Do you have a company in the Netherlands? Would you like to grow your business steadily and controlled? Growing your business may result in more customers, office space, staff and challenges. Growth is not linear; manage this process with good targets and a business growth plan.

Maybe your innovative business is ready for a faster scale-up. Upscaling increases revenue without high costs. The Dutch market is relatively small. So, if your business is based in the Netherlands, upscaling automatically means internationalising your business. An innovative business model, international market exploration and special scale-up funding will help you scale your business across the Dutch border.

We offer advice, networks and funding for all types of businesses.

Take the next step with your business

Bedrijf starten

The first step is to identify your business growth or upscaling opportunities. You can do so by market research: ask yourself which countries or segments you want to operate in. Also, ask yourself which new products you aim to develop. Analyse the market, find out your competitors, and make a strategy.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency offers funding options for your business growth or upscaling plans. For example, tax credits for R&D. Find out more about our subsidies and programmes and your best options in our subsidy guide.


To move your company forward, you may want to consult research tools. Thorough research will help you understand the new market better. Research tools also give better insights into good business partners.

Innovatief ondernemen

Innovation can be essential for the competitive position of your company. R&D helps your company grow and save money. Take some time to see if you can reserve a part of your yearly R&D budget.

You may want to team up with a business partner when your business grows. A partnership offers benefits, for example, sharing resources, talents and experience.

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