Last checked on:
5 January 2024
Published on:
23 August 2019

Preventing and tackling fraud and violations of integrity is taken extremely seriously at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Any kind of fraud is unacceptable. Such activities undermine confidence in the government and the organisations it has appointed to oversee funding or compliance with legislation and regulations. For this reason, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency pursues an active policy against fraud.

If you suspect fraud

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency stimulates Dutch enterprise by providing funding, advice and networks. If you suspect fraud, you can report it to Netherlands Enterprise Agency staff, or external parties such as the police or the Dutch fraud office, the FIOD.

Reporting fraud

An external party can report suspected fraud or violations of integrity by using the form on this website. You can do so anonymously. If inquiries reveal that there may be reasonable grounds for investigating the alleged fraud, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will report the allegations to the Dutch Prosecution Office. We will not inform the entrepreneur that an investigation is underway. Nor will those who reported the allegations via the form be informed about the possible results of any investigation. This is to avoid any obstruction to such an investigation. 

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