NEXIS: European cybersecurity calls

Published on:
19 December 2023
Last checked on:
17 January 2024

Are you looking for financial support for the development of cybersecurity solutions? On this page, you will find an overview of European cybersecurity funding calls from the Digital Europe Programme and Horizon Europe Programme from the European Union. 

European calls open for application

Below is an overview of European calls that are currently open for application.

Horizon Europe Programme

Digital Europe Programme

Future European calls

The following European calls are expected. As soon as we know more about these calls, we will inform you on this page.

Horizon Europe Programme

  • Advanced real-time data analysis used for infrastructure resilience
  • Approaches and tools for security in software and hardware development and assessment
  • Post-quantum cryptography transition
  • Mitigating new threats and adapting investigation strategies in the era of the Internet of Things

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