How to Search in Databases

Last checked on:
3 August 2023
Published on:
24 March 2021

It is not easy to search through patent databases such as Espacenet. We are happy to help you with search tips and workshops. All our patent office employees have a duty of confidentiality. This means you can speak freely to them about your idea or invention.

Asking for search tips

Patent databases contain millions of patent publications. Our search tips help you search in Espacenet for what you need. Our search tips are mainly intended for SMEs (<250 employees) with a technical invention. However, they can also be useful for private parties who have a technical invention and a business plan for marketing that invention.

You can complete a request form for search tips (in Dutch). You should describe your invention or idea as precisely as possible, but remain brief. You do not need to mention any technical details. We will send you personalised search tips by email within 1 week. This email will also contain classification codes you can use to search for inventions similar to your own.

Search workshops

We organise a variety of webinars and workshops. Some of these are specifically aimed at teaching you to search in Espacenet.

European Patent Office: products and training courses

The European Patent Office (EPO) also organises frequent training courses for a wide range of professionals. Go to the Events and Learning pages to see the available options.

User stories

Please watch the videos of entrepeneurs who used our expertise on searching the patent databases. 

Circular Plastics Factory - Get more out of patent information

Volcare Undergarments - Get more out of patent information

Questions about patents?

If you need more information on how to apply for a patent in the Netherlands, please contact the public information office.

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