New innovation turns low-cost power into hydrogen

Published on:
24 April 2023
Last checked on:
26 April 2023

The Battolyser® is the first system that combines a battery and an electrolyser. It can store electricity and create environmentally friendly hydrogen using wind and solar power. When electricity prices are low, the system produces hydrogen. And when prices are high, it supplies electricity to the grid. This solution helps reduce pressure on the electricity network. And at the same time, it supports a move towards affordable and sustainable clean energy. 

Fokko Mulder is a professor at the Delft University of Technology. And his research group developed the Battolyser®. Led by CEO Mattijs Slee, the organisation has grown from an R&D department to a production company. Battolyser Systems now employs more than 50 people. "We are in the process of bringing our product to the market. For example, to develop a production factory, we will collaborate with the Port of Rotterdam, which uses a lot of hydrogen. That is a big step forward as it will allow us to produce Battolysers® on a large scale."

Towards a fossil-free industry

"Besides electricity, most energy comes from molecules (chemical energy). The Battolyser® can make clean hydrogen when there is a lot of wind and solar power. It can also provide electricity to the grid when needed. Soon, we will be able to use this clean energy instead of 'dirty' hydrogen, which is made from natural gas in the chemistry, refinery, and fertiliser industries."

The market for hydrogen is growing

In the future, more industries, like steel and cement, will use hydrogen to reduce their CO2 emissions. Even big vehicles, like planes and ships, will use it too. "Hydrogen is going to be really important for the world. By 2050, it could provide 8-20% of all energy. Our goal is to help make that happen."

World Hydrogen Summit

Battolyser Systems has been the only one working on this development in the Netherlands for a decade. "During that time, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) supported us with a MOOI - Mission-Driven Research, Development, and Innovation - grant (in Dutch). Also, with 12 other groups, we applied for a National Growth Fund grant of 80 million euros."

RVO gladly introduces foreign visitors who want to learn about hydrogen to Battolyser Systems. The company will soon attend the World Hydrogen Summit. There, it will join 350 Dutch and international entrepreneurs exchanging knowledge on hydrogen.

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