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Going international

Doing business abroad

Do you want to grow your business abroad? The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has several ways to help you expand internationally. We offer financial support, personal advice, and access to networks and events to help grow your business on an international level.

Which options are there when going international?

Our experts can help you grow your business by exploring countries that offer good opportunities and the right market conditions. You can get personal advice and information about local business practices, regulations, and cultures.

Funding your international business

Whether you want to finance the start of your business or taking your existing products and services abroad, we offer different funding options for your business plans. For example tax credits for research and development and vouchers for SMEs taking part in trade missions or fairs to stimulate export. Find out more about open programmes and your best options in our subsidy guide

International Economic Network & partners

Are you looking for customers, experts, or business partners abroad? Whether you are searching for international partnerships, advice for international growth or support for business innovation. Have a look at the International Economic Network or find your business partner.

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