Dutch Good Growth Fund - DGGF

Last checked on:
8 August 2023
Published on:
16 June 2014

Are you a Dutch entrepreneur interested in emerging markets or developing countries? And do you need support to finance your plans? The Dutch government provides loans, participations, guarantees, export credit insurance and export finance (with a repayment obligation) through the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF).

Update: As of 1 October 2021, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency has handed over this programme to Invest International.

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What is the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF)?

DGGF is set up by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help Dutch entrepreneurs realise their international ambitions in emerging markets and developing countries (DGGF countries). The fund supports investment, import, export and investment funds.

You want to invest

If you want to invest in a factory or machinery in a DGGF country, but cannot get finance from a bank. DGGF Invest provides loans, guarantees and participations with a repayment obligation for Dutch starters and entrepreneurs.

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Contact Invest International – the fund administrator for the invest part.

You want to import

If you want to import goods from a DGGF country, DGGF Import supports you by pre-financing your local supplier. Under specific conditions, you can receive finance to support the growth of your local supplier directly.

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Contact Invest International – the fund administrator for the import part.

You want to export

If you want to sell or export goods to a DGGF country, DGGF Export provides credit insurance and finance opportunities.

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 Contact Atradius Dutch State Business – the fund administrator for the export part.

You have an investment fund

If you run an investment fund which helps local entrepreneurs in DGGF countries access finance, the DGGF Investment fund encourages you to take innovative initiatives.

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Contact PwC and Triple Jump, the fund administrators for the invest part.

Business cases

Entrepreneur Alwin Quispell shares his story about how the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) helped him on the Ethiopian market. Watch the video and discover if the DGGF can help your business expand in developing countries.

DGGF: Dutch bag brand sets up Fairtrade production in Bangladesh

Dutch bag brand sets up Fairtrade production in Bangladesh

MYoMy makes luxury handbags in India in a responsible way. The brand is successful and has now opened a second production location in Bangladesh. "Without prefinancing from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency's International Financing programme, I would not have taken this step." RVO supports MYoMy via the Dutch Good Growth Fund Technical Assistance programme (DGGF TA).

Pratex Asia champions women’s participation in Cambodia

The Pratex Asia factory is a model for women's participation, sustainable enterprise and corporate social responsibility. Dutch entrepreneur Piet Holten built this factory in Cambodia with the help of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Questions about DGGF?

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The Dutch Good Growth Fund is a programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The various parts of the fund are administered by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Atradius Dutch State Business (for Dutch entrepreneurs) and a consortium of PwC and Triple Jump (for local SMEs). 

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