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Permits for wind farms at IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Beta

Last checked on:
26 June 2024
Published on:
15 November 2023

You could submit a permit application(s) for IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Sites Alpha and Beta until 28 March 2024. The results of the tenders are known. You can no longer submit applications.

Application period

Start date:
Thursday, 29 February 2024
09:00 (CET)
End date:
Thursday, 28 March 2024
17:00 (CET)

Permit results

On 11 June 2024, the Minister for Climate and Energy announced the results of the tenders for IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Sites Alpha and Beta.

The permit for Site Alpha has been granted to Noordzeker, a consortium that consists of SSE Renewables, ABP and APG.

The permit for Site Beta has been granted to Zeevonk II, a consortium that consists of Vattenfall and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

Applications for Site Alpha

Applications for Site Beta

Location of the IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone

Which area is it?

The IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone (IJVWFZ) is located 33.4 nautical miles (62 km) off the west coast of the Netherlands. The total area of the sites within the IJVWFZ (including the maintenance and safety zones) is approximately 650 km². The IJVWFZ will supply approximately 6 GW of power to the Dutch electricity grid. That is 2 GW per site.

Grid operator TenneT will install 3 platforms with 3 grid connections in the area. TenneT's platforms all have a 2 GW direct current connection to a land station. With direct current, the voltage on the electricity grid remains constant. With alternating current, the voltage changes between positive voltage and negative voltage 50 times per second. These are the first offshore wind farms in the Netherlands to be connected with a direct current connection.

Prepare your applications

The documents below were needed to prepare an application.

Wind Farm Site Decisions

You can find the original Dutch Wind Farm Site Decisions (WFSDs) for IJVWFS Alpha and IJVWFS Beta on the Bureau Energy Projects page (in Dutch). The Wind Farm Site Decisions are irrevocable. Below, you can find the translated regulations from the Wind Farm Site Decisions.

Questions and answers about your application

Site characterisation studies

Together with our partners, we conduct site studies in the IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone. The data and reports from the site studies are regularly updated on With the data from these site studies you can make plans and designs for offshore wind farms.

A strategy has been developed for wind and water research. This strategy provides the plan for developing the wind farms within the Additional Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap.

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