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28 December 2017
Published on:
1 December 2013

In 2014, the Minister of Foreign Trade & Development Cooperation decided to stop the ORIO programme. On 16 June 2015, a new, adjusted programme for public infrastructure was launched, named DRIVE.

Update: As of 1 October 2021, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency has handed over this programme to Invest International.

ORIO encouraged public-infrastructure development in developing countries, contributing to the realisation of a functional public infrastructure that is relevant to development. In this way, ORIO aimed to contribute to human development and private sector development. It is untied aid.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency continues to support the existing ORIO projects. In the coming years, the 65 projects will be completed following the agreements made.

Background Information

ORIO is a facility to help develop infrastructure in developing countries.

The Facility for Infrastructure Development ORIO is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. ORIO contributes to the development, construction, expansion, operation and maintenance of public infrastructure in developing countries in order to contribute to human development and private sector development.

Country and Sector

Central governments of about 50 developing countries could apply for an ORIO grant for their infrastructure development projects in one of the following sectors: water, environment, energy, transport and logistics, ICT, social services and civil works.

ORIO Project progress schedule 2014
Year of application Projects in Development Phase Projects in Implementation Phase
2009 5 9
2010 12 4
2011 17 1
2012 11 -
2013 6 -
Total projects 51 14

Financial and project administration

Once your ORIO project application has been selected, you will want to know precisely what and when you are required to report to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

The Policy Rules contain all the necessary information referring to the assignment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It explains among other rules the criteria, the definition and the target group. The Manual contains all the necessary information about the project cycle. It contains information about the process and requirements during the development phase and implementation phase and operation and maintenance phase.

We have included the most important documents (annexes, reporting templates with instructions for accurate monitoring and other necessary forms) under the phase they belong to:

Development phase

Reporting templates and other necessary forms for this phase.

Implementation phase and operation & maintenance

Reporting templates and other necessary forms for this phase.

Infrastructural tenders

Open tenders for infrastructural projects within the programmes Develop2Build (D2B), DRIVE and ORIO can be found on the page Infrastructural tenders.

Extraordinary leadership: drinking water project in Ghana

Extraordinary leadership: drinking water project in Ghana

ORIO in practice

ORIO projects either active on or started after January 2015 can be found in our Development Cooperation Projects Database. This portal offers an overview of all official development aid (ODA) projects and programmes carried out by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. You can refine your search by using filter options such as country, sector and programme.

The projects that have been selected for an ORIO grant have been placed on a world map.

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Below you will find publications and official notices about ORIO and relevant documents.

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