Dutch Trade and Investment Fund (DTIF)

Do you want to do business abroad? And are you finding it difficult to raise sufficient funds? The Dutch Trade and Investment Fund (DTIF) provides loans, guarantees and export financing. This enables you to take the next step towards realising your international ambitions.

DTIF consists of two components: Investment and Exports. The fund was established in 2016 and replaces the Facility Emerging Markets (FOM) and Finance for International Business (FIB) financing instruments.

For whom?

Dutch companies wanting to invest in or export to foreign markets can apply for DTIF. The fund was established to stimulate the globalisation of Dutch companies.


DTIF can offer up to € 15 million in financial support for each project. The total budget is € 102 million.

For which countries?

DTIF is available to all countries, with the exception of those which are eligible for DGGF finance and countries under sanction by the United Nations Security Council or the European Union. These applications will be assessed with extra scrutiny. The sanctions policy of the Security Council and/or European Union will be maintained in all cases.

DTIF Exports

Interested in exporting capital goods to one or more DTIF countries? The DTIF Exports facility can help by offering export credit insurance and funding. Atradius Dutch State Business serves as fund manager for this resource.

Use this Handy interactive tool for international financing or export credit insurance to check in just five minutes whether your business is eligible for DTIF funding.

Differences between DTIF and DGGF

DTIF contributes to employment and sustainable economic growth in the Netherlands.

DTIF is closely linked to the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). However, the two funds differ in terms of their target countries. DGGF is mainly focused on developing countries, whereas DTIF targets other foreign markets.

DTIF is open to all Dutch companies, whereas DGGF exclusively services businesses in the SME sector. DTIF does not offer funding for local SMEs, while DGGF does.
In another crucial difference, DTIF offers a maximum funding amount of € 15 million for the Investment facility, as opposed to a € 10 million maximum for DGGF.

Projects for both DTIF and DGGF must be socially responsible and sustainable.

Official announcements

Decision on adoption of policy rules for DTIF funding (in Dutch, Staatscourant, 31 August 2016)


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