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Energy Executives Training - EET


Would you like a manager from your foreign network to follow a training programme about the sustainable energy sector in the Netherlands? The Energy Executive Training (EET) programme offers this possibility. In 2021, the EET programme will focus on hydrogen and offshore wind.

The EET programme

The programme has 3 parts: a digital training course, matchmaking and a training programme in the Netherlands.

Digital training course

Managers follow a digital training course spread over a week. Topics include:

  • The Dutch sustainable energy market and energy policy.
  • Unique selling points of the Dutch renewable energy sector.
  • Developments, innovations and opportunities in the field of offshore wind in the Netherlands.


We ask companies taking part about their matchmaking preferences in the registration form and during the digital training course. This helps us match them with suitable Dutch companies.

Training programme in the Netherlands

During one week, we will inform participants about:

  • The sustainable energy landscape of the Netherlands;
  • Doing business in the Netherlands in an international context; and
  • Cultural aspects of trading with the Netherlands.
The programme also includes:
  • Company visits to hydrogen and offshore wind-related companies;
  • Round table sessions with relevant knowledge institutes and government organisations; and
  • Individual interviews with Dutch companies.
If travel is not possible due to COVID-19, we will offer the programme in the Netherlands digitally.

EET goals

  • At the end of the programme, the participant will be well trained and have a better network. They have become familiar, in theory and practice, with the Dutch/European way of doing business.
  • In a short time, the foreign manager learns a lot about developments and opportunities in the Dutch sustainable energy sector.
  • Collaboration between Dutch and foreign entrepreneurs.

Participation and costs

Participation in the programma is free. The participant must pay for travel and accommodation costs for the programme in the Netherlands.

We will announce more details about the EET programme and the participation requirements soon.


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