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Would you like to provide an energy sector manager from Southeast Asia or South America with the opportunity to follow a traineeship? The Energy Executive Training programme (EET), sustainable energy in the Netherlands for international managers, offers the possibility of financial support. Previously, the programme was called ‘The Netherlands Strategic Programme for Energy Executives Training’.

In 2020, the EET programme was expanded. The focus is now on the whole of the sustainable energy sector. The programme is not only open for managers from South America, it is also open to managers from Southeast Asia. In total, there are now 40 spots available, 20 per region.

The EET programme allows the government to give Dutch companies the chance to investigate business opportunities in South American and Southeast Asia. The ultimate goal is to create trade relationships.

The EET programme

The managers will be trained for a week in South America (Mexico) or Southeast Asia (country to be specified). Afterwards, they will be trained for a week in the Netherlands.
Topics that will be covered during training sessions in South America and Southeast Asia include:

  • the Dutch sustainable energy market;
  • the Dutch energy policy;
  • unique selling points of the Dutch sustainable energy sector: offshore wind, solar energy, bio-energy, hydrogen;
  • entrepreneurship in the Netherlands in an international context.

The programme also includes the development of the participants’ personal skills.

  • Topics that will be covered during training sessions in the Netherlands include:
  • the cultural aspects of doing business with the Netherlands;
  • company visits;
  • interviews with Dutch companies.

EET goals

  • The EET programme offers the possibility to cooperate on (prospective) activities in the target countries as well as / and the Netherlands.
  • At the end of the programme, we guarantee you are a better educated, extremely motivated contact person. The foreign participants leave with a more extensive network. They have, in theory and practice, become familiar with the Dutch commercial spirit and European way of entrepreneurship.
  • In a short time, foreign managers learn all they need to know about developments and possibilities in the Dutch sustainable energy sector. They establish specific knowledge and experience in one of the target countries.
  • Foreign managers get an international framework to develop their personal skills.

Taking part

The programme begins in the autumn of 2020. You cannot sign up yet.
Are you interested in the Energy Executives Training programme (EET)? Find out more about the programme on our how to apply and the financial arrangements page.

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