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Frequently asked questions about the Fund against Child Labour (FBK)

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Can sector organisations apply for a subsidy from FBK?

Yes, they can if:

  • The sector organisation meets the definition of an NGO (see Government Gazette).
  • The sector organisation is not an NGO but applies for a subsidy as a company in partnership with another company. The other company may have child labour in its production chain.

I want to carry out project A and B. What forms do I have to complete for project B in Annex IA?

Complete Part 7 ‘Preliminary ideas on Project B’ of Annex 1A as much as you can.
Think of the results you want to achieve and possible activities.

After completing project A, you have to provide a Plan of Approach for Project B. In this document, you use your findings from project A to write down activities and results. A specification for the budget for project B is part of the Plan of Approach. During this phase, you can submit a request to change the budget. We cannot increase the total subsidy amount once you have completed project A.

I want to carry out project A and B, but I do not know the exact budget for project B. What should I mention in the budget tool (Annex II)?

You have to mention a budget for both projects. Fill in the estimated budget for project B in the budget tool (Annex II) under Result 5. line F. Costs Related to Third Parties with a short description. Also, mention your estimate for the total budget as closely as possible as you are applying for a total grant amount for both projects.

Also, describe in general terms what you intend to do with the budget under question 7.3 of Annex 1A.

What forms or documents do I have to include in Annex V?

The Administrative Rules say the following:
The proposed activities must reduce severe sexual and other misconducts and inappropriate behaviour. Should such things happen, the lead party and its partners must put an end to this on a short term.

The lead party shows, by its integrity policy, code of conduct or other documents, that the company:

  • understands the meaning of 'sexual intimidation and harassment and cross-border behaviour';
  • understands the meaning of inappropriate behaviour;
  • will use its reporting procedure to document cases of sexual intimidation and so on;
  • has a procedure for these kinds of reports or signals;
  • will take appropriate actions, and
  • will report this to the relevant authorities, including donors.

What kind of behaviour is ‘sexual and other misconducts and other serious forms of inappropriate behaviour towards employees and other individuals’?

All criminal and prohibited behaviour according to the standards of the Dutch legislation. Also misconducts described in the integrity policy and code of conducts that may lead to dismissal or disciplinary measures.

Which parties have to show relevant documents related to the integrity policy?

That is for the lead party only. The other partners declare to agree with the integrity policy of the lead party. They do so in the Partner Form (Annex III).

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