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Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in humanitarian emergencies - DSS MHPSS


Dutch Surge Support (DSS) is a programme that responds to requests from international humanitarian organisations. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) experts are deployed to assist in relief efforts for a few weeks up to several months, during or after a humanitarian crisis. DSS MHPSS gives mental health and psychosocial support in situations of armed conflict, refugee crises, and natural disasters.

    DSS MHPSS for experts

    We are looking for experts to support the interagency coordination on MHPSS in humanitarian crises. Please register if you are considering working as an expert for DSS MHPSS. Expert tasks may include:

    • set up, temporarily run or support (sub-)national MHPSS technical working groups,
    • set up monitoring, evaluation and learning structures,
    • conduct 4Ws mappings (Who is Where, When, doing What),
    • make an MHPSS situational analysis of humanitarian response.

    We will base requests for support upon the terms of references of the requesting organisations, where you can find specific requirements for each position. Language skills and knowledge of the local context are an asset. Before departure, experts need to sign the Code of Conduct and complete the following basic online courses provided by the United Nations:

    • BSAFE safety course, and
    • the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA).

    The importance of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Crisis Situations

    • Transcription

      you live in a small town
      You have lived here all your life
      You don’t have much...
      but it is enough
      Suddenly, your whole life is swept away in an instant.
      You have to run and even when you reach safety...
      you can’t stop thinking about your losses.
      It’s nearly impossible to imagine the future.
      Of course you need food, water and a roof over your head...
      butmpsychosocial support and perspective are just as important.
      Support can take different shapes:
      You may want to share your experiences.
      Some people need special care.
      Additional attention may help children...
      to cope with their feelings...
      to gain trust and make friends.
      Extra measures can help you feel secure again.
      Worldwide, almost seventy million people have been forcibly displaced.
      The highest number in decades.
      More than one in five people affected by conflict have a mental health condition.
      They have lived through terrible experiences.
      Together we can and must do better.
      We need to combine our knowledge and strengths to give these people the urgent support they need.
      Mental Health and Psychosocial support is a necessity in any humanitarian response.
      Essential to rebuild lives and societies.

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    The Netherlands Enterprise Agency will compensate for the expenses made by the experts. This includes:

    • costs for flights (economy class, without upgrades),
    • required vaccinations,
    • a medical check if the requesting organisation requires one,
    • accommodation (actual costs), and
    • daily allowance for food and other expenses (DSA).

    The daily fee is based on working experience and the United Nations paygrade system. The maximum daily fee of €225 is for work and travel days. The fees per working day are:

    • Junior: €110;
    • Mid-level: €160;
    • Senior: €225.

    DSS MHPSS offers business insurance and psychosocial support before, during and after their deployment through the Antares Foundation.

    Are you interested in the DSS MHPSS programme? Register as an expert.

    International Organisations

    International humanitarian organisations interested in the deployment of MHPSS experts can send an email.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs finances DSS MHPSS.

    The Netherlands Enterprise Agency carries out the programme in close cooperation with the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Reference Group on MHPSS in Emergency Settings.

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