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MIA and Vamil


Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to benefit from a tax scheme for investing in environmentally-friendly technology? You may be eligible for the Environmental investment deduction (MIA) and Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments (Vamil) schemes.

Through MIA, you can deduct up to 45% of the investment costs for an environmentally friendly investment on top of your regular investment tax deductions. With Vamil, you can decide when to write off 75% of your investment costs. This gives you an advantage in liquidity and interest.


The MIA budget for 2023 is €192 million. The Vamil budget for 2023 is €25 million.

For all entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs in the Netherlands who pay income or company tax can use MIA and Vamil. The tax scheme is interesting for entrepreneurs in different sectors, such as agriculture, industry, catering companies, business services and waste processing. But, also for those who invest in circular economy, sustainable transport, sustainable recreation and sustainable buildings.


To be eligible for MIA and Vamil, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You are an entrepreneur in the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten or one of the BES islands and you pay income or corporation tax.
  • You invest in a business asset that is on the Environment List that applies on the date that you commit to the investment.
  • The business asset meets the requirements set by the Environment List for the investment.
  • You provide permits or certificates if the description on the Environment List requires this.
  • You report the business asset on time (main rule: within 3 months after the order for delivery).
  • The asset has not been used before.
  • The investment costs for the asset to be reported amount to a minimum of €2,500.

Environment list

Do you want to know which investments apply to MIA and Vamil? See this year’s Environment list (in Dutch). The investments on the Environment list, called business assets, are minimally damaging to the environment. They often have a wider scope than the obligations in the law.

Submit your product to the Environment list

Have you developed an innovative, environmentally-friendly product or company resource that you want to put on the market? Submit your product to the Environment list. If your product is on the Environment List, your customers in the Netherlands can get a tax benefit. This lowers the financial threshold for the investment.

Companies can make proposals to include a product or business asset on the next Environment list. To be considered for the list, the environmental investment has to:

  • have a clear yield for the environment;
  • be innovative or still have a smaller market share than the conventional product; and
  • be more expensive than the environmentally friendly alternative.

A new Environment list appears every year. Investments that no longer meet the MIA and Vamil requirements as a result of technological advances, will be removed from the list or adapted, and new innovative investments will be added. Your product may be one of the newcomers.

Read more information about submitting products or company resources for the next Environment list on our proposal Environment list page.


Apply for MIA and Vamil online. For more information, read our apply page.

MIA\Vamil and Green Deals

Mia and Vamil can help to implement a Green Deal. A Green Deal supports innovative initiatives with non-financial government support. Read more about Green Deals and MIA Vamil.

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