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Reimbursement Fixed Costs - TVL

Is your company registered in the Netherlands? Is it suffering from economic losses as a result of mandatory measures taken by the Dutch government? For example, the closing of your business, cancelled meetings or the negative travel advice? The Dutch government offers SMEs from specific sectors a reimbursement of up to 50,000 euros to help cover part of their fixed costs. The Reimbursement Fixed Costs (TVL) programme is open until 30 October 2020 17:00 CET.

TVL follows the Reimbursement for economic loss due to COVID-19 programme. This programme closed on 26 June 2020.


  • SMEs registered in the Netherlands can apply for a maximum reimbursement of 50,000 euros to cover fixed costs that need regular payment.
  • The size of the SME and the level of loss define the reimbursement amount.
  • The reimbursement covers 4 months, from 1 June 2020 until 1 October 2020.
  • Your fixed costs must be at least 4,000 euros in the period 1 June until 1 October 2020.
  • Examples of fixed costs are rent, lease, maintenance, insurance, and subscriptions.
  • Wage costs are not covered by TVL.
  • The level of loss of turnover due to COVID-19 has to be more than 30%.
  • Companies that have applied for postponement of payment with the court or have been declared bankrupt cannot apply for TVL.
  • Public companies cannot apply for TVL.

For whom?

TVL is for SMEs that:

  • have one office in the Netherlands;
    • with an address other than the owner’s address; or
    • with the same address but physically separate from the private residence with its own entrance.
  • have 250 employees or less; the registration with the Chamber of Commerce must confirm this;
  • were founded before 15 March 2020;
  • have lost more than 30% of their turnover because of the coronavirus crisis, and
  • match one of the set SBI-codes.
CategorySBI code
Accommodation facilities55,xxx 56,xxx
Advertising agency, industrial design, photography73,xxx 74,xxx
Advice, consulting and corporate services74,xxx
Art and culture90,xxx
Clothing manufacturing14,xxx 32,xxx
Communication, information59,xxx
Conference and exhibition centres82,xxx
Dance schools, art education centres, driving schools85,xxx
Food and beverage producing facilities10,xxx 11,xxx
Healthcare, the care sector86,xxx
Lottery and gambling facilities92,xxx
Movable properties and corporate services77,xxx 78,xxx 79,xxx 80,xxx 81,xxx 82,xxx
Museums, galleries, exhibitions91,xxx
Retail46,xxx 47,xxx
Sports, recreation91,xxx 92,xxx 93,xxx
Transport and storage49,xxx 50,xxx, 52,xxx
Travel agencies79,xxx
Wellness and other service providers95,xxx 96,xxx
Wholesale, market trade46,xxx 47,xxx

Extra conditions for businesses with certain SBI codes

Businesses with certain SBI codes have to meet extra conditions.

SBI code 56.10.1 or 56.10.2

  • You declare to rent, lease or own at least one catering location.

SBI code 47.74.2

  • Only homecare shops and audiologists can apply for TVL.
  • You must declare that your business is one of these in your application.

SBI codes 10.71, 10.72, 11.05, 14.19, 14.13 and 74.10.2

  • The following can apply: bakers, breweries, manufacturers of baby and sports clothes, clothing accessories and other apparel, and industrial product designers who manufacture goods and have a shop;
  • You must declare that you have a shop in your application;
  • You will only be considered with the turnover of the shop.

SBI code 47.11

  • We will only consider supermarkets that are dependent on nearby student campuses, campsites, transport terminals, stations and recreation areas.

SBI code 73.11

  • We will only consider stand builders;
  • You must declare that the activities of your business focus on building stands and that the TVL conditions apply to these activities.

SBI codes 88.999, 88.102 and 88.993

  • We will only consider village halls, community houses and community centres;
  • TVL conditions only apply to venue rental and hospitality activities;
  • You can only apply for reimbursement based on the loss of turnover for these activities in the period 1 June until 1 October.

Reimbursement amount

TVL takes into account the amount of your turnover loss. The higher the loss, the more money you will receive. We base the compensation on:

  • your total turnover loss, and
  • the part of the fixed costs that your company pays with it.

We calculate an average percentage per sector for the fixed costs. The maximum amount we pay out is €50,000 for the period from 1 June to 1 October 2020. We pay out a maximum of 50% of the fixed costs.

Find out more about how the subsidy is calculated on our Calculation Reimbursement Fixed Costs page.

How to apply?

You can apply for TVL online (only in Dutch, choose Aanvragen) from 30 June 2020 12:00 CEST until 1 October 2020 17:00 CET. We trust your Dutch colleague to help you with your application.

To apply for reimbursement, you need eHerkenning level 1 or DigiD (if you do not have a DigiD, please register first).

Find out more on how to apply for TVL.