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Apply for the Stimulation of sustainable energy production and climate transition (SDE++) subsidy. Note that part of this procedure is in Dutch.

This stimulation closed on the 17th december 2020 on 17:00 h. You can no longer apply.

Application via eLoket

You can apply via the online application portal eLoket. For this subsidy you need eHerkenning level 1. Read more about eLoket and eHerkenning. Please, apply on time as the application procedure takes a few days. A few weeks prior to the tender round opening, you can prepare a draft application in eLoket. Keep in mind:

  • Applications must be submitted by 17:00 on the closing date of the application round.
  • If we receive several applications for the same amount of subsidy equating to the budget limit, we will make a selection by drawing lots.

Required documents

You can find the required documents for the programme on

Following your application

  • We process applications in order of receipt.
  • Applications we receive at 17:00 CET or later will be considered as having received the next work day.
  • If we receive more applications than the available budget can finance on one day, we will rank the applications in order of the applied amounts. For the renewable gas categories, we divide the application amount with an adjustment factor of 0.706 and round off the amount to 3 decimals.
  • Completeness review: We will only process complete applications. The date on which your application is complete determines the ranking of your application.
  • Content review: We check whether your subsidy application meets the subsidy conditions based on technical and financial data.
  • We will contact you for more or missing data.

Subsidy decision

  • After we have assessed and approved your application, you will receive a subsidy decision.
  • The subsidy amount is the maximum amount for the entire period of the project. We base this amount on the base price for energy, which is the lower limit of the correction amount.
  • We calculate the actual amount of the subsidy each year based on the amount of energy produced and the level of the correction amount.
  • After the SDE++ subsidy decision, the minister has 13 weeks to complete the entire application process. We may extend this period once with a maximum of 13 weeks.
  • You will receive 80% of the subsidy as an advance in monthly payments.
  • The application for the advance is based on the projected production.
  • The amount of the advance is determined yearly.
  • The advances on the subsidy are paid once your installation is officially registered with CertiQ/Vertogas. They will provide us with the metering data.
  • A retroactive adjustment is made each year based on the definitive correction amount and the production data for the past calendar year, the so-called adjustment of your subsidy.
  • You will automatically receive a final account, based on the production data submitted to us by CertiQ or Vertogas.

Build your project

  • Before you set up the installation, you should contact the regional network operator to verify the costs and planning of your connection.
  • Within 18 months after the subsidy decision, you are required to present copies of your contracts, including a description of the components of the installation and the contracts related to the construction of the installation.
  • Build the project and put the installation into operation within the time periods stipulated by law and stated in your subsidy decision.

Apply for EAN code

  • Upon completion of your project, request an EAN code for your sustainable energy installation at your transmission system operator. If you have several installations, you will receive several EAN codes.
  • Once you have your EAN code or codes and you have completed the installation, contact an issuing body: CertiQ (for renewable electricity and heating) or Vertogas (for renewable gas).
  • The transmission system operator, or in the case of heat generation, the metering company, must certify you as a producer of renewable energy.
  • For more information, visit or

Final subsidy

  • You should submit a request for settlement at the end of your subsidy period, after 8, 12 or 15 years.
  • We will determine your final subsidy based on your request for compensation.
  • If you have received an insufficient subsidy, we will pay the appropriate amount afterwards.
  • We claim repayment of any excess subsidy paid.