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Operational wind farms in the North Sea

There are 4 active wind farms in the North Sea, which ensure a combined total installed capacity of 1000 MW:

  • Egmond aan Zee wind farm (OWEZ, 108 MW) was built by Shell and Nuon, under the name of Noordzeewind.
  • Prinses Amalia wind farm (120MW) was built by Eneco. 
  • Luchterduinen wind farm (129 MW) was built by Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation.
  • The 2 wind farms Buitengaats en Zee-Energie, together called Gemini (600 MW) were built by 4 companies: Northland Power (60%), Siemens (20%), Van Oord (10%) and HVC (10%).

Operational wind farms

Wind farmCapacity wind farm (in megawatts)Electricity for number of householdsIn use since
Prinses Amalia120125,0002008
Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ)108100,0002007