Crystal Prize and the Transparency Benchmark

Last checked on:
2 January 2024
Published on:
5 October 2022

The Dutch government encourages companies and organisations to be transparent about their social responsibility activities and policies. In order to stimulate improvement in reporting on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and highlight well-performing organisations, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, in partnership with the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA), awarded the Crystal Prize (Kristalprijs in Dutch) every year until 2023.

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The Transparency Benchmark

Read more about the biennial benchmark that maps out how transparent the Dutch business community is with regard to their sustainability reporting.

Crystal Prize

In the odd years, so in 2023, the Transparency Benchmark forms the basis for the Crystal Prize. This bi-annual study is held among the roughly 500 largest companies in the Netherlands, as well as voluntarily participating companies and organisations. The winner of the Crystal Prize is the highest scoring organisation or company in the Transparency Benchmark.

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