Energy Agreement

Published on:
23 September 2023

The Energy Agreement stands for sustainable growth, to which more than 40 organisations, including the government, employers, trade unions and nature and environmental organisations, are committed. The agreement contains agreements on energy saving, clean technology and climate policy.

The agreements should deliver affordable and clean energy supplies. Employment and opportunities for the Netherlands in clean technology markets is also the commitment of the agreement.

Renewable energy in 2020

According to calculations by PBL and ECN, the Energy Agreement could lead to a maximum share of renewable energy of 14% in 2020. This indication assumes maximum effectiveness of the agreements in the Energy Agreement.

RVO supports activities resulting from the agreements in the Energy Agreement. After all, with the Accord, the entrepreneurial Netherlands faces a major social and economic task when it comes to sustainability and innovation.

To take steps towards an energetic society, cooperation between government and market parties is required. And a substantial investment in energy innovation, energy saving and renewable energy generation. Sustainability as a joint mission of government and society!

Activities Energy Agreement

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Commissioned by:
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
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