Energy Executives Training - EET

Published on:
21 October 2022

The Energy Executives Training programme (EET) builds new relationships between the international business community and their potential business partners in the Dutch industrial sector, business community and knowledge institutions. The programme focuses on the offshore wind energy and hydrogen sectors in promising international markets. Specifically in those countries where there are potential opportunities for the Dutch business community but the relationship with the Netherlands has not been fully developed.

EET is a knowledge and networking programme aimed at creating long-lasting business relationships. It offers international senior executives, CEOs and business representatives a chance to:

  • experience the Netherlands;
  • interact with their counterparts within the Dutch business community; and
  • acquire new knowledge, networks and insights.

The multi-day programmes include:

  • knowledge and expert consultation sessions in the Netherlands and abroad;
  • conferences;
  • social networking events;
  • site and company visits all over the Netherlands.

The goal of the programme is to create long-lasting relationships.

EET programme

The programme contains the following components:

  • Preparatory sessions with the heads of the economic departments of the Dutch embassies and consulates in participants' own countries.
  • Visits to businesses in the green hydrogen and offshore wind energy sectors.
  • Joint visits to trade fairs and conferences.
  • Country-specific sessions with knowledge institutions and governments.
  • One-on-one talks with Dutch entrepreneurs in order to create valuable matches and informal introductions at a high level (by introducing CEOs to one another, we bring the decision-makers for companies together).
  • A platform for announcing strategic partnerships.

During our guests' time in the Netherlands, we meet with them for in-depth discussions about:

  • key themes, such as the practical application of hydrogen, the construction of infrastructure, bottlenecks in the supply chain and the business case behind sustainable energy projects;
  • legislation and regulations on sustainable energy projects and the role of the government;
  • innovative applications in sustainable entrepreneurship in the Netherlands;
  • doing business with Dutch entrepreneurs.

Agenda for 2022

There are regular events for international EET participants that promote new knowledge and insights in the hydrogen and offshore wind energy sectors. Whenever a new event is planned as part of the EET programme, you will read about it here.

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2022 (OEEC2022) – 29 November - 1 December 2022

During and in connection with the OEEC event, there will be an EET programme for international CEOs, senior executives and relevant government guests. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency will also organise a masterclass on offshore wind energy and hydrogen for delegations from foreign governments.

Previous events

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2021 (OEEC2021) – 26 and 27 October 2021

During and in connection with the annual OEEC event, an EET programme was organised for 38 CEOs of international port operators and decision-makers from the French offshore wind energy sector. There were also a number of masterclasses for delegations from foreign governments.

Read more about what it was like to take part in OEEC2021

World Hydrogen Summit (WHS) – 9 - 11 May 2022

During and in connection with the World Hydrogen Summit, an EET programme was organised for 27 CEOs, senior executives and relevant government guests from Latin America, Northern Africa, Iceland and Finland. Minister for Climate and Energy Policy Rob Jetten and Climate Envoy Jaime de Bourbon de Parme were special guests at the multiple-day event.

World Hydrogen Summit 2022

Watch this video to see an impression of the WHS 2022.

Participation and costs

Participation in the programme is by invitation only. Invitees are chosen in close consultation with our partners. International participants are responsible for their own travel costs when they take part in the programme.


The EET programme is part of the ICEP trade promotion programme and is implemented in close cooperation with the following partners:

  • the Dutch sector organisations;
  • Heads of the economic departments of the Dutch embassies and consulates;
  • Regional Business Developers; 
  • the Dutch business community.

It also maintains short lines of communication with foreign governments for the purpose of promoting international trade cooperation.

Commissioned by:
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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