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Last checked on:
1 April 2022
Published on:
16 March 2020

The economic network is made of economic departments at Dutch embassies and consulates general worldwide. They can help you start doing business abroad and support you while you are active in a foreign market.

What we do

The economic officers identify opportunities on foreign markets and have an extensive network in the country. They provide:

  • requested trade information;
  • potential network partners;
  • contact details from organisations that can provide support locally;
  • legislation; and
  • other relevant topics.

Throughout the year, the economic officers also organise trade and networking events, including economic missions. Plenty of reasons to contact the economic network to be well-prepared for doing business internationally.

Where we are based

The economic network supports Dutch companies on foreign markets in 114 different countries.

Find out where the economic departments of embassies and consulates general are worldwide and how to contact them.

Economic departments of embassies and consulates general

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