Laws & Regulations for the Agricultural Sector

Last checked on:
3 February 2021
Published on:
20 November 2020

Laws & Regulations for the agricultural sector aim to improve welfare. They focus on food safety and security. And also on the protection of crops and livestock, and the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Methodology descriptions
    From 2015, the methods for estimating emissions of greenhouse gases (including the activity data and emission factors) can be found in five reports.
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  • Approved breeding organisations
    Are you an approved breeding organisation? Or are you interested in having your breeding organisation approved? On this page, you will find more information, including the list of approved breeding organisations.
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  • Plant breeders' rights
    Plant breeders' rights may apply in the case of cultivation material and varieties of plants. Also, the protection for ornamental plants covers the actual use for plant reproduction.
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