Laws and Regulations

Last checked on:
15 February 2022
Published on:
2 November 2021

Dutch organisations must follow national and regional business laws and regulations. Depending on your company, different business laws and regulations apply. You will find information about sustainable, agricultural and patent laws on this page. This information will help you understand the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

Business laws in the Netherlands

The Dutch Patent Act 1995 regulates patent protection in the Netherlands. In 2008, the act changed. Now, for example, you have to carry out a novelty search for all patents. You have to publish the novelty search report together with the result.

Innovatief ondernemen

The Netherlands Patent Office carries out (inter)national patenting regulations within the Netherlands. We promote the use of patents as a source of information and inspiration. We offer support and advice.

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Laws and regulations for companies in the sustainable sector support energy-saving measures. Have a look at the other regulations.

The Netherlands is famous for its innovative and efficient agriculture. Laws and regulations help protect the environment and the safety of its inhabitants. They also improve welfare. The focus is on food safety and security and protecting crops and livestock.

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