New offshore wind farms

Last checked on:
27 June 2024
Published on:
19 July 2021

By 2050, we want our energy supply to be climate neutral. This means that the way we use energy does not contribute to climate change. Generating wind energy at sea is indispensable in this regard. But exactly how much do we want to generate? And when will we realize the new wind farms to achieve our objectives?


By the end of 2032, the Government wants to have 21 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy. These wind farms will then supply 16% of the energy we need in the Netherlands. That is equivalent to approximately 75% of our current electricity consumption. This means that offshore wind energy will make a major contribution to helping the Netherlands become more sustainable.

Because the Netherlands is becoming more sustainable, our electricity consumption is increasing. We use more and more (green) electricity instead of fossil fuels. Offshore wind energy supplies 'clean' electricity and that is why we will also need a lot of it in the future. The Government is aiming to have approximately 50 GW of offshore wind energy installed in 2040 and approximately 70 GW in 2050.

Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap

The Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap shows where wind farms are located or will be builtand which Offshore Wind Farm Zones are designated for new wind farms in the future. The letter to Parliament of 26 April 26 2024 contains the planning schedule for offshore wind farms. The table below shows when we will issue a permit for these wind farms and when the future developer is likely to put the wind farm into use. Offshore wind farms already under construction are also in the table.

Planning offshore wind farms
Installed power Wind Farm Site (WFS) Permit procedure (Expected) commissioning of wind farm
0.76 GW Hollandse Kust (west) WFS VI 2022 2026-2027
0.76 GW Hollandse Kust (west) WFS VII 2022 2027
About 2 GW IJmuiden Ver WFS Alpha Q1 2024 Q3 2029
About 2 GW IJmuiden Ver WFS Beta Q1 2024 Q4 2029
About 2 GW IJmuiden Ver WFS Gamma Q3 2025 Q2 2031
About 2 GW Nederwiek WFS I Q3 2025 Q4 2030
About 2 GW Nederwiek WFS II Q2-Q4 2026 Q2 2032
About 2 GW Nederwiek WFS III Q2-Q4 2026 Q4 2031
About 2 GW Doordewind WFS I Q1-Q2 2027 Q4 2032
About 0.7 GW Ten noorden van de Waddeneilanden WFS I 2027 203
About 0.7 GW Hollandse Kust (west) WFS VIII To be determined To be determined

New wind farm zones

Because offshore wind energy will continue to increase even after completion of the current Roadmap, we are already looking at new wind farm zones. In these wind farm zones, the Government can designate sites for the construction of wind farms after 2033. The Government is designating these new wind farm zones in the so-called 'Partial Revision of the North Sea Programme'. This is a supplement to the North Sea Programme 2022-2027. We expect the new Partial Revision in the 3rd quarter of 2025.

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There are also plans for offshore energy infrastructure and the landing of wind energy (from sea to land). More information about this can be found on the pages below.

In the documents below you can read more about the Government's vision for offshore wind energy.

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