Webinars and Workshops About Protecting your Patent

Last checked on:
3 August 2023
Published on:
24 March 2021

Would you like to know more about protecting your product or keeping it secret? Or would you like to learn how to use patent information to save time and money? If so, sign up to take part in one of our free workshops and webinars. You will learn how to protect your creative idea, invention or brand, and find out more about what that involves.

Practical and interactive

Our interactive webinars are a mix of practical examples and theory. Our patent advisers will show you how you can use knowledge about intellectual property to save time and money during your innovation process.


During our webinars, you will learn more about the basics of knowledge protection. During our online sessions, you will be able to ask our patent advisers questions about how to protect your ideas. For a list of the workshops, webinars and online sessions, go to our calendar overview (in Dutch).

Workshops, webinars and online sessions

Webinars and online sessions

Level Title Contents
Basic Webinar ‘Intellectual property: an introduction to rights and forms of protection’ How to protect a creative idea, invention or brand
Basic Online session ‘Dare to ask’ An opportunity to ask our experts and fellow entrepreneurs your questions about protecting your idea
Advanced Webinar ‘Intellectual property: an introduction to IP as part of your corporate strategy’ How to support your corporate strategy with an effective intellectual property strategy
Advanced Webinar ‘IP obstacles in partnerships’ How to avoid common obstacles to do with partnerships and IP


Level Title Contents
Basic Basics of intellectual property (IP) The basics of copying/infringement, protection, sharing and secrecy
Advanced Smart knowledge management in partnerships Effective management of joint innovations
Advanced Intellectual property strategies for SMEs Creating value with technological innovations
Advanced Searching patent databases by yourself How to find relevant patents
Advanced Masterclass on patents Learn more about patents and infringement

Questions about patents?

If you need more information on how to apply for a patent in the Netherlands, please contact the public information office.

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