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17 June 2024
Published on:
18 August 2022

The Netherlands is a cycling country. Nowhere do people cycle as much. At the same time, cycling is growing internationally as part of a healthy and sustainable environment. With all its knowledge, experience and a wide range of goods and services, the Dutch bicycle sector has a lot to offer to other countries.

RVO supports international cycling ambitions in various ways

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) supports businesses with trade missions to some of the most important exhibitions worldwide.

Collaborative programme and diplomatic support for Dutch clusters of companies within the (top) sectors that want to collaborate when doing business abroad.

Enterprise Europe Network Netherlands (RVO) supports you with practical information and advice about innovation and internationalization.

E-step van VodafoneZiggo

The International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) focuses on promoting trade and helps small Dutch businesses that offer renewable energy products and services abroad.

International earning potential

The RVO report International Earning Potential Dutch Bicycle Sector demonstrates that the Dutch bicycle sector has grown significantly the last few years. On top of that, promoting Dutch cycling culture internationally strengthens the social value of the bicycle. The report shows the international opportunities for the Netherlands as a cycling country. This is also visible in the accompanying infographic.

More information

Opportunities for the Cargo Bike

With the arrival of the electric bicycle, the cargo bike has also changed. Many types of electric cargo bikes are now on the road in the Netherlands and abroad. The brochure Opportunities for the Cargo Bike gives examples of its use. Read the summary below or view the original Dutch version.

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