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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means taking responsibility for the impact of your business on the environment, society, and employees while striving for economic success.

With the right balance between People Planet and Profit, attention can be paid to social issues such as internationally recognised basic working conditions, the chain of responsibility, and corruption. Corporate social responsibility can generate benefits in terms of innovation capacity, loyalty, and reputation. Continue reading and see how you can implement CSR in your organisation.

CSR Themes

Read why OECD guidelines matter for your company.

Learn how to provide good working conditions.

Read how to involve your supply chain in CSR.

Discover the risks of corruption and how to avoid them.

Learn about the basic the human rights of your employees.

Read why transparency is important to your company and to the Dutch government.

Make sure your business has a positive effect on the environment.

Read how to provide equal chances for men and women.