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Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harrassment (SEAH)


Sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH) is more topical than ever. The need to be aware of, prevent, report, and investigate SEAH is increasing. More and more organisations agree that SEAH should be an important part of business operations. More often, organisations find combatting SEAH in the supply chain the new norm. And they are accepting SEAH as an integral part of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

When reviewing applications for financial support, we will look at whether adequate efforts have been made to prevent SEAH. In the case of SEAH incidents, organisations must be aware that it is vital to report these. To report SEAH incidents, we have set up a reporting system. We advise organisations and companies that receive funding from us to use this system. The reporting system follows the regulations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How to report a SEAH incident

To report a SEAH incident, please use the SEAH Incident Report Form below (see: supporting documents) and email the completed form to Organisations that receive funding from us should do the reporting. We will then contact the reporting party to discuss the next steps. We will also inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confidentially about the incident, following the privacy rules.
You may also email your questions about our SEAH policy to

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