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FastLane for high-potential startups and scale-ups


FastLane is an exclusive programme in which the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) selects a group of high-potential startups and scale-ups on its own initiative. This promising group of entrepreneurs will have a permanent contact person (a manager) within RVO. This manager will give intensive help to each startup or scale-up, helping it to find the right support at the right time.

Innovative and groundbreaking startups and scale-ups have their hands full when they are growing. It is a hectic phase in which they have to make constant changes on many levels. Often they are under extreme time pressure. This sometimes makes it difficult and time-consuming to find all the types of support offered by RVO straight away and implement them at the right moment.

The FastLane manager has a team with an extensive network both inside and outside RVO. They thus quickly bring together all types of support that meet the specific needs of each startup or scale-up. Think of support with:

  • subsidies and financing;
  • laws and regulations;
  • skills development;
  • protecting intellectual property;
  • globalisation;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

FastLane takes the pressure off startups and scale-ups, allowing them to focus primarily on their core business and growth.

Selection by RVO

RVO itself selects promising participants through a wide variety of channels and sources (peer organisations, award selections, etc.). Startups and scale-ups cannot apply for the programme.

Other types of support

You can find less exclusive support on our startup and scale-up support pages

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