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The National System itself is a key tool in improving the quality and process management of the inventory process.

To ensure high quality and continuous improvement, the annual inventory process is implemented as a cyclical project. This annual cycle is a key quality management tool (based on the Deming cycle: plan-do-check-act).

This encompasses

  • inventory planning
  • inventory preparation
  • inventory evaluation
  • inventory improvement.

QA/QC programme

As part of the National System and the inventory process, a QA/QC programme has been expanded to include

  • quality objectives
  • a QA/QC-plan, and,
  • an annual improvement plan. This programme is annually updated, based on the experiences of the previous year(s)

Read more about the QA/QC-plan

Reviews and audits

As part of the QA/QC in the national systems various peer review and audit activities are implemented in order to comply with the UNFCCC. These include:

  • Annual basic peer reviews before submission of NIR/CRF to the UNFCCC
  • Extensive review process: 5-year cycle of extensive reviews of relevant sectors. This process intends to (peer) review all key sources and sources with significant changes
  • To the extent practically possible, further verification and source-specific QA.

Regular audits

This is primarily done by staff not directly involved in the inventory process, coordinated or implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The UNFCCC reviews the official National Reports to see if Parties meet their requirements.

Read more about the QA/QC programme

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