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International cooperation - offshore wind energy


In cooperation with other North Sea countries, the Netherlands is conducting research into the possibilities of realising cross-border energy generation projects together.

Multilateral: North Sea Energy Cooperation (NSEC)

As part of the North Seas Energy Cooperation (NSEC), 8 EU Member States, including the Netherlands, are working together to develop offshore wind energy generation and transmission infrastructure. The aim is to reduce the cost and space requirements of future large-scale and cross-border offshore energy generation projects.

You can find more information on the NSEC members and the work programme on the European Commission website.

Bilateral: Memorandum of understanding Denmark - the Netherlands

Denmark is one of the first EU Member States with specific plans for a large-scale cross-border energy generation project in the North Sea. This involves an energy island with possible connections to various North Sea countries. The project offers various opportunities for the Netherlands, such as: 

  • an increase in interconnection capacity for better security of supply in our energy system;
  • possible cooperation with our national plans for offshore infrastructure north of the Netherlands;
  • potential opportunities relating to hydrogen.

The Danish and Dutch governments have signed a bilateral agreement to work together on this. The national high-voltage grid operators Energinet and TenneT have been asked to team up and carry out further research as part of the North Sea Wind Power Hub Programme.

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