Circular batteries: knowledge and opportunities in the Netherlands and abroad

Published on:
28 November 2023
Last checked on:
30 November 2023

The new brochure 'Circular batteries charging the future: collaborating together for a sustainable and resilient value chain' contains 25 Dutch best practices and provides insight into the current situation around circular batteries in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, it discusses the opportunities for the future. The aim of the brochure is to start an international discussion: how can we accelerate a circular economy for batteries together ?

In everyday life, we all need batteries. Batteries are used for phones and laptops, starting the engine of cars and trucks, storing generated energy and so on. Batteries have been around for a long time, but their strategic importance grew rapidly in recent times.

Circular economy for batteries is essential

For a climate-neutral society with low-carbon electricity, transport and logistics, more batteries need to be made and battery capacity needs to increase. This leads to ecological, socio-economic and geopolitical challenges. For instance, governments and companies around the world need to do more with fewer resources. To overcome these challenges, batteries need to be made more sustainable and circular in the long term. To achieve this, international cooperation is very important.

The brochure offers insight into lessons learned, insights, knowledge and opportunities within the circular battery sector.

With a rich history of entrepreneurship and circular innovation, the Netherlands has much to offer to international partners regarding solutions, technology, and know-how to enable the circular transition in the battery supply chain.

Gabrielle van Zoeren
Manager International Innovations at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Presentation of the brochure

Emma Gervasi and Stephanie Schuitemaker of Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) presented the brochure on 9 November 2023 to Jeroen Heijs (Director at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate), Janet Kes (Manager Batteries and Quality Assurance at ARN) and Rutger van Poppel (Programme Manager at the Battery Competence Cluster - NL). This took place on the first day of the annual event 'NL-DE Battery Days' in Enschede.

Circularity is at the core of the long-term Dutch Battery Strategy and we believe that we can play a pivotal role in the global value chain. For this, international cooperation is particularly crucial.

Rutger van Poppel
Programme Manager at the Battery Competence Cluster - NL


The brochure is the result of a cooperation between: 

  • Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
  • Holland Circular Hotspot
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (RWS)
  • Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
  • Delft University of Technology 
  • Car recycling Netherlands (ANR)
  • Nature and Environment

More information?

Download the brochure below.

Commissioned by:
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
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