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Netherlands Business Support Offices - NBSOs


Netherlands Business Support Offices are the Dutch governmental trade offices outside of the Netherlands. NBSOs provide you with practical support for your plans abroad. The NBSOs will be able to help you if you are interested in exporting, setting up a business abroad or if you are looking for market information or business partners.

Where we are based

NBSOs are located in promising regions that do not have an embassy or a consulate. They are part of the Netherlands' economic network abroad and are committed to promoting trade and investment in the region where they are located.

What we do

NBSOs can help you in various ways, for example, with finding representatives, business partners, market information and information about local laws and regulations. Also, NBSOs can direct you to trade fairs, relevant institutions and businesses in your sector.

NBSO network

NBSOs have an extensive network. In addition to contacts with local government bodies and sector organisations, they also have connections with local businesses. They know what is going on in the region, speak the language and can explain the local culture to you. Have a look at the NBSO contact information page with all NBSO offices and send an email.

More information

NBSO network at RVO: