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Published on:
4 March 2021
Last checked on:
29 September 2021

Do you want to help startups that have innovative solutions to local challenges? Would you like to manage an investment fund for early-stage startups? Orange Corners Innovation Fund (OCIF) provides fund managers with capital to invest in early-stage startups.

What is OCIF?

OCIF is a subsidy programme that provides fund managers with capital to invest in early-stage startups. OCIF supports young, innovative entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to scale up their businesses and create jobs. OCIF also helps young entrepreneurs prepare for investment and attract commercial follow-up investments.

OCIF is an addition to the existing Orange Corners Incubation and Acceleration Component (OCIAC). The Orange Corners programmes give young entrepreneurs access to training, networks and facilities to start or scale their businesses.

For whom?

OCIF is for fund managers that want to:

  • Encourage young entrepreneurs in target locations to turn innovative solutions to local challenges into practical business plans;
  • Help young entrepreneurs in the target locations prepare for investment;
  • Support young entrepreneurs in the target locations to attract commercial follow-up investments;
  • Support the medium- to long-term development of the private sector and the business environment in the target locations;
  • Tackle youth unemployment and promote economic growth by supporting startups.

Applicants for OCIF must be private companies or NGOs. A financial authority in the target location must legally authorise the applicant to provide (interest-free) loans.


A total of €46.2 million is available for OCIF. Fund managers can apply for a subsidy of up to €2.2 million per target location.


OCIF target locations include:

Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Iraq (Kurdistan region), Iraq (proper), Jordan, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan and Tunisia.

Application rounds

OCIF has 3 rounds of applications:

  • The first round is for applications that focus on Angola, Côte d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria and the Palestinian Territories. The first round opens on 2 October 2023, 12:00 CEST and closes on 20 November, 12:00 CET.
  • The second round is for applications that focus on Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Senegal and South Africa. The second round opens on 12 February 2024, 12:00 CET and closes on 1 April 2024, 12:00 CEST.
  • The third round is for applications that focus on Bangladesh, Burundi, Iraq (Kurdistan region), Iraq (proper), Mali, South Sudan, Sudan and Tunisia. The third round opens on 6 May 2024, 12:00 CEST and closes on 17 June 2024, 12:00 CEST.

How to apply

To apply for this subsidy, you must first submit a quick scan. Follow the 'How to apply' steps to submit a formal subsidy application.

Step 1. Submit a quick scan

To apply for this subsidy, you must first submit a quick scan. The Orange Corners team uses this quick scan to review your project ideas and give you a non-binding recommendation on your proposal. Please carefully read the administrative rules listed under 'Publications' before completing your quick scan. 

You must submit your quick scan at least 3 weeks before the deadline of an application round, as the advisory process may take up to 3 weeks. Once you have a recommendation on your quick scan, you can submit your formal subsidy application for your target location.

If you have questions or want to consult one of our advisors before submitting a quick scan, please email us at

Step 2. Submit a formal subsidy application

You can only submit a formal subsidy application during an application round. The first round opens on 2 October 2023. Depending on your target location, you can apply during the first, second or third application round.

Required documents

Please read and complete the documents below and upload them with your application. 


Please read the adminstrative rules in these documents carefully before applying. 

Orange Corners Investment Fund (2024-2030) in the Government Gazette (official) (in Dutch, 25 September 2023)

Previous publications

The administrative rules that apply to earlier OCIF application rounds are listed below. 

After your application

We will assess your application based on the criteria in the Administrative Rules. Within 13 weeks of the application closing date, we will inform you whether you are eligible for a subsidy.

Please note that Orange Corners Innovation Fund only assesses applications that meet all the conditions. The highest-scoring application will qualify first, then the second-highest-scoring application, and so on.

More information

For more information about OCIF, visit the Orange Corners website.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency carries out the OCIF subsidy programme on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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