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FVO Partnerships - Pillar 1


Fund for Responsible Business (FVO) Partnerships - Pillar 1 scheme is closed. You can no longer apply for a subsidy. On this page, you can find information about project administration and other suitable subsidy schemes.

Consult our advisors

Do you have an innovative idea for a project to make your value chain more sustainable? Consult our advisors; they are happy to help you and offer advice. FVO is closed. See our Sectoral Partnerships subsidy or send an email to our advisors with your ideas.

See the subsidies and programmes guide

Project administration

For current projects, go to the project administration page. There, you will find the required documents for your FVO project administration. Please complete the progress report forms and the final report form for your current project. 

Frequently asked questions

FVO Pillar 1 supports partnerships between companies and civil society organisations. FVO aims to set up multi-stakeholder projects to identify and stop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) risks or misconduct in international value chains.

Read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Support for partnerships

FVO supports Dutch partnerships that want to:

  • Conduct local or regional research into the underlying causes of CSR risks and misconduct in their value chains and implement measures to address them;
  • Implement Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) into their business processes more effectively, including measures to end RBC risks and misconduct in their company;
  • Set up a multi-stakeholder project that addresses CSR risks and misconduct, positively affecting manufacturing conditions in their producer countries.


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