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Apply for the Orange Corners Incubation and Acceleration Component


To apply for this subsidy, you must first submit a quick scan. The Orange Corners team uses this quick scan to review your project ideas and give you a non-binding recommendation on your proposal. After completing the advisory process, you can decide whether to submit a formal subsidy application. Please note that you must submit your quick scan at least 2 weeks before the deadline for an application round, as the advisory process may take up to 2 weeks. Submit your full proposal via the online OCIAC subsidy application form.

How to apply

To apply for this subsidy, you must first submit the Quick Scan. After the mandatory quick scan, you will receive a non-binding recommendation. After this, you can apply for a subsidy from the Orange Corners Incubation and Acceleration Component. You can apply during the first or second application round, depending on your target location. 

  • Please note that you can only apply during an application round. The application dates are on the 'Calendar' (below).
  • You will find the necessary application forms on this page (below).
  • Carefully read all documents listed under 'Downloads' and 'Reference documents' before you apply.
  • You must include all required documents with your application.

Required documents

You must submit a complete application in English, including all required documents. Make sure you include the following:

  • Quick scan recommendation reference number; 
  • Activity Plan, including a risk analysis (see the form under 'Downloads');
  • Budget (see the form under 'Downloads');
  • Activities timeline;
  • CVs of the applicant's staff members who will be involved in the implementation of the activities;
  • At least 1 Letter of Intent from a private organisation supporting its contribution and the proposed activities (see the form under 'Downloads');
  • The most recent financial statements for years T-1 and T-2 (the 2 previous years) reviewed by an external, independent accountant. If reviewed financial statements are unavailable, please include 1 or more non-reviewed ones.


Friday 16 June 2023
Friday 30 June 2023
Monday 4 September 2023
Friday 15 September 2023
Friday 29 September 2023

Following your application

Within 13 weeks of the closing date, we will tell you whether your application meets the subsidy criteria.

We will assess your application based on the criteria in the Administrative Rules listed under 'Reference documents'.

Orange Corners only assesses applications that meet all the conditions. Applications qualify for a subsidy if they score at least 65 out of 100 points. The highest-scoring application will qualify first, then the second-highest-scoring application, and so on.


You must upload several documents with your application. Please complete these documents in English.

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