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Request for a change (FDW)


You must inform us immediately of facts or circumstances that may cause changes to (parts of) the project, may cause delay in carrying out the project or prevent you from fulfilling your obligations as laid down in the Administrative Decision.

Reasons for changes

This duty to report concerns changes in the implementation of the project, such as being unable to meet a certain deadline (including reporting) and changes in hardware or in the operational plan. Not informing us in a timely manner may have serious consequences for the subsidy for your project.

For changes with financial implications in FDW12 and FDW14 projects, please use the form 'Budget amendment request 2012-2015'.

For FDW16 and FDW17 projects please use the form 'Budget amendment request 2016-2017' under Downloads below.

Changes in the partnership

For changes in the partnership, a departing partner needs to sign a letter stating that they agree to withdraw from the project. For a new partner you need to provide us with the following:

  • A copy of the registration at a local Chamber of Commerce;
  • A partner form signed by an empowered director, stating that they are committed to executing the PPP project according to the administrative decision signed by us and the applicant (see Partner Form under Downloads below);
  • An audited annual report or other proof of the financial capability to pay the own contribution, or a letter from the applicant guaranteeing their own whole contribution to the project;
  • Information on activities of the new partner: core business, turnover, employment and relevant market experience;
  • An updated cooperation agreement signed by all participating partners (see Format Cooperation Agreement under Downloads below).

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