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23 April 2024
Published on:
22 July 2020

Sustainable energy, and bioenergy in particular, play a vital role in reducing CO2 emissions. The Netherlands takes part in many multi-year European and worldwide bioenergy projects. This creates exciting export opportunities for the Dutch bioenergy sector.

What is Bioenergy International?

Sustainable energy is generated in various ways. One way to generate sustainable energy is with organic materials (or biomass) such as tree trimmings, sewage sludge, seed oils, or manure. This type of energy production is a temporary solution to achieve the Netherlands' climate goals. We want to put the Netherlands on the bioenergy map with Bioenergy International.

Bioenergy International is part of the International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP). Through this programme, the government of the Netherlands supports entrepreneurs from the sustainable energy and bioenergy sector in doing business abroad.

For whom?

The Bioenergy International programme focuses on bioenergy producers, advisors, assemblers, manufacturers, suppliers, and civil servants. These groups share one goal: to present their products and services to potential international customers.

Why invest in bioenergy?

By cooperating with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and ICEP, companies in the Dutch bioenergy sector can collectively enter markets abroad. They can also connect with foreign companies interested in Dutch bioenergy expertise and solutions.

Interesting bioenergy projects

Projects in Europe

  • Concerted Action RED: the European Union (EU) member states use the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) to evaluate sustainable biofuels. It also monitors the implementation of the updated directive RED2;
  • ETIP Bioenergy: ICEP created this programme together with the Dutch bioenergy sector. Its goal is to make bioenergy part of the EU's energy mix;
  • ERA-NET Bioenergy and BESTF: EU member states fund research and development of bioenergy projects with these partnership programmes.

Global projects

High-potential countries in the bioenergy sector

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sector organisations focus on a number of countries with export potential. These countries are subject to change depending on international developments.

At the moment, the bioenergy sector mainly focuses on Europe.

Market reports

Market reports can help you to prepare for new markets abroad. To learn more about business opportunities in the bioenergy sector in a specific country, visit our list of market reports.

NL Biobased Tech Guide 2022

The NL Biobased Tech Guide 2022 contains information on the latest trends and developments in the Dutch bioenergy sector. It also advises on rules and regulations, describes the business environment, and provides a sector snapshot.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) organises many exciting events on bioenergy. We are present in our booths at important exhibitions. Visit our events page (in Dutch) for the latest business events.


The Dutch bioenergy sector cooperates with Platform Bio-Economie (PBE) and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Platform Bio-Economie

Platform Bio-Economie represents Dutch companies and stakeholders active in biobased resources production, transport and refinement. The organisation focuses on:

  • Food
  • Chemicals
  • Materials
  • Energy transport
  • Logistical and infrastructural services

International Energy Agency

The International Energy Agency advises governments on sustainable energy usage. As a member, the Netherlands cooperates with other countries to advance bioenergy.

IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme

The IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme is part of IEA. This programme focuses on knowledge exchange and global development of the bioenergy sector. All members involved work together to develop standards and make agreements on improving the sector. RVO shows, on behalf of the Netherlands, how the Dutch bioenergy sector can contribute to the growth of renewable energy.


Through RVO's International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) programme, the government of the Netherlands supports entrepreneurs from the sustainable energy sector in doing business abroad. ICEP organises activities such as trade missions and other events to support the sector. The programme consists of the following themes:

More information

Would you like to know more about international business opportunities in the bioenergy sector, ICEP, or how the Netherlands Enterprise Agency can support you in doing business abroad? Our advisors are happy to assist you.

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