Transparency Benchmark Assessment Process

Published on:
14 October 2022
Last checked on:
10 March 2023

In the odd-numbered years, the years with a Transparency Benchmark, we ask companies that belong to the permanent research group and have a publicly accessible annual report to complete a questionnaire (self-assessment). Using that questionnaire, participating companies can self-assess the level of transparency on their CSR-performance.

Self assessment

The self-assessments are, after verification, used for scoring purposes. Completion of the self-assessment is encouraged as it a) provides a moment of reflection on the current state of the CSR annual report; and b) it allows for all relevant/current information to be taken into account in our assessors' score assignments. In case the self-assessment is not completed by a company, the CSR annual report is assessed by the independent assessors.

Opportunity for commentary

After the provisional scores have been set, a company can comment in case it disagrees with the results. After this commentary round, the final scores are determined by the Ministry of Economics Affairs and Climate.

Correspondence with the panel of experts

In case the company disagrees with its score after the final scores are determined, this company can start a special procedure. Disagreements can be indicated during the entire duration of the benchmarking process, even after the final scores have been awarded. This can be done by sending an email to:

Panel of experts & jury

The quality of the 20 highest scoring annual reports is then further evaluated by a panel of experts who can make minor adjustments to the scores. Afterwards the 3 highest scoring annual reports will be submitted to the jury, which selects the winner. Thus, the final score of a company is the result of the self-assessment, EY’s analysis of the response on the questionnaire completed by the companies, the assessment of the top 20 performed by the panel of experts, the choice of the winner (by the panel of experts) from 3 nominees proposed by a jury and the official adoption of the final scores by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

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Please read the Transparency Benchmark Critera, which you can find on the Documents page.

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