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Published on:
3 September 2021
Last checked on:
14 October 2021

The Dutch government expects Dutch companies that do business abroad to follow Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They must follow the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to do so. The government promotes International Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR) in many ways. Companies following the OECD Guidelines can apply for funding.

The meaning of CSR

CSR means taking responsibility for the effects of your business activities on the world around you. It also means respecting people, animals, the environment and society. There are various ways to do this; for example, you can:

  • lower your CO2 emissions;
  • treat men and women the same;
  • ensure good working conditions;
  • ensure transparency;
  • ask your supply chain to help you with CSR.

Your business activities should have no adverse effects on the local situation. It is even better if your business activities help improve the situation. For more information about CSR, contact our advisors.

    Find out what role CSR plays in projects supported by RVO

    The benefits of CSR

    Your company may benefit from applying CSR. It can help you build a good reputation and stand out from your competitors. A pleasant working environment often makes companies more innovative and productive.

    Identifying CSR risks

    Companies that do business abroad are not always aware of the social risks. The MVO Nederland CSR Risk Check Tool gives you an idea of the risks in other counties and industries. Identifying the risks can help you create a specific action plan. Use the tool and find out what the results mean for your business.

    More CSR tools

    Use the tools below to find out if your company is CSR-proof.

    • CSR risk management in 6 steps
      The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) offers a practical step-by-step guide to make your company CSR-proof.
    • CSR scan and ISO 26000 guide
      Find out in 10 minutes how much progress your company has made on CSR by following the CSR guideline ISO 26000.
    • CSR passport
      An overview of important CSR terms, information and organisations.

    Helpful CSR organisations

    • MVO Nederland is your starting point for CSR. MVO Nederland offers ICSR vouchers that give you a discount on advice for your company and products.
    • MVO Platform is a network of CSR organisations.
    • Global Compact is a partnership between United Nations organisations, trade unions, civil society organisations and companies. It aims to contribute to CSR and the broader UN goals, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.
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