Sustainable Mobility International

Last checked on:
30 April 2024
Published on:
22 July 2020

The Netherlands is one of the leaders in sustainable mobility development. Our electric vehicle charging infrastructure, bicycle sector, and logistical IT innovations are well received worldwide.

What is Sustainable Mobility International?

Traffic and commercial transport are responsible for 25% of the world's CO2 emissions. The Netherlands wants to lower these emissions, for instance by encouraging electric transport. The Dutch government is also researching other sustainable transport types, which are named in its Climate Treaty and Clean Air Treaty. 

But sustainable transport involves more than reducing CO2 emissions. The transition to renewable energy sources also plays a vital role. To succeed in this global transition, the Netherlands wants to collaborate with international public and private parties.

The Sustainable Mobility International programme brings these parties together. This paves the way for a future-proof sustainable mobility sector. 

The following products have significant export potential:

  • Charging infrastructure: smart electric charging infrastructure.
  • Bicycle sector: bicycle infrastructure and manufacture of E-bikes and cargo bikes.
  • Logistics (ICT-) innovations: Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Sustainable Mobility International is part of the International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP).

Video: Zero-emission transport sector in the Netherlands

For whom?

The Sustainable Mobility International programme focuses on parties that are active in the sustainable mobility sector. These companies and organisations must also be ready to do business abroad.

Why invest in sustainable mobility?

It is important to maintain the leadership position of the Netherlands in the sustainable mobility sector. ICEP does this through, for example:

  • organising the NL Lounge as a place to meet at international trade exhibitions;
  • supporting trade missions;
  • publishing the Sustainable Mobility Export Guide and the Bicycle Export Guide;
  • facilitating the 'Bicycle' export group.

By doing so, we can make Netherlands-based companies in the sector more compelling to foreign parties.

High-potential countries in the sustainable mobility sector

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sector organisations focus on a number of countries with export potential. This list is subject to change depending on international developments.

  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Nordics
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) organises many exciting events on sustainable mobility. We are present in our booths at important exhibitions. Visit our events page (in Dutch) for the latest overview.


The Dutch sustainable mobility sector cooperates with the following partners:

  • FET Internationaal
  • DOET
  • RAI Automotive & Smart Mobility
  • Dutch Cycling Embassy
  • Smart Mobility Embassy
  • ROM's
  • TINL
  • Netherlands embassy network


Through RVO's International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) programme, the government of the Netherlands supports entrepreneurs from the sustainable energy sector in doing business abroad. ICEP organises activities such as trade missions and other events to support the sector. The programme consists of the following themes:

More information

Would you like to know more about international business opportunities in the sustainable mobility sector, ICEP, or how the Netherlands Enterprise Agency can support you in doing business abroad? Our advisors are happy to assist you.

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