Hydrogen and ICEP: Exploration Stage

Published on:
22 July 2020
Last checked on:
12 May 2022

Hydrogen is an energy carrier that is vital to a climate-neutral energy system. Furthermore, it provides business opportunities to Dutch and foreign businesses. International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) stimulates the development of international trade in hydrogen and is committed to putting Dutch hydrogen businesses on the global map.

The Netherlands as a hydrogen hub

The Netherlands has a favorable position to serve as an international hydrogen hub. There is a highly developed gas infrastructure, knowledge of and experience with hydrogen (partially because of the presence of a large chemical industry), great potential for offshore wind energy, a strong manufacturing industry and major ports and transport routes. International developments in this field are moving at a rapid pace. The hydrogen report by the International Energy Agency (IEA, October 2021) makes this clear. The report shows strong indications that a global market for sustainable hydrogen will be established.

The FME hydrogen report outlines the international opportunities that hydrogen offers for the Dutch business sector. This report was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and presented in October 2019. Its conclusion is that hydrogen's potential use as an energy carrier is hugely promising for a successful energy transition and a strong Dutch economy. It also states that hydrogen technology could potentially become a major export product for the Netherlands.

Dutch clean hydrogen technologies

Watch the video about the Netherlands' clean hydrogen technologies. Find out about how hydrogen technologies could become an important export product of the Netherlands.

Plans and projects

A great deal of work to promote the production, transport, storage and use of hydrogen has already been done in the Netherlands:

  • The Dutch hydrogen sector has put forward the National Hydrogen Program;
  • Dutch regions have developed plans;
  • Hydrogen is featured in the plans of all industrial clusters;
  • A tank and pipeline infrastructure in being developed;
  • Projects have been set up in the built environment;
  • Stakeholders, from Greenpeace to Air Liquide, have come together to form a hydrogen coalition.

Many other projects are being planned. Some of them involve major international corporations that see the Netherlands as a frontrunner, such as Engie and Equinor.

International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP)

The Netherlands is working hard to be a frontrunner in the anticipated global hydrogen market. Our knowledge, experience and efforts show just that. Some Dutch businesses already have more than 15 years of experience, and the Dutch manufacturing industry is well-known. In our trade policy, explicit attention goes out to the export of Dutch hydrogen knowledge and know-how and to attracting foreign investments by companies in the supply chain of hydrogen. Proactive public support is needed for the internationalization of hydrogen. ICEP supports and connects the public and private sector at home and abroad to seize opportunities for Dutch businesses on the global hydrogen market.

International Hydrogen Guide

With the international hydrogen guide 'Excelling in Hydrogen', the Dutch hydrogen sector wants to increase international cooperation and trade. The guide showcases the expertise, solutions and innovative strength of the Dutch hydrogen sector.

The guide is the result of a public-private partnership within the ICEP programme. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency produced the guide together with the partners FME, Topsector Energy and TKI Nieuw Gas.

We regularly update the guide. Is your company missing in the current guide? Do you want it to be featured in the next edition? Please contact us through hydrogen@fme.nl.

Building a hydrogen platform

In 2021 the platform for Dutch hydrogen companies 'Platform Waterstof Internationaal' (PWI) was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RVO and FME together with Topsector Energie, NWBA, New Energy Coalition and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. It aims to bring together the private and public hydrogen sector in the Netherlands who look for hydrogen opportunities abroad. For those interested, you can contact PWI through pwi@rvo.nl.

Video: Trade mission Green Hydrogen Chile 2022

PWI has organised many events, including last year's Green Hydrogen Chile trade mission. Watch the video of the event.

Would you like to know more about hydrogen?

Contact us or visit the Climate Agreement website (in Dutch).

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