Solar Energy International

Last checked on:
18 April 2024
Published on:
22 July 2020

The Netherlands is among the world's leading countries in the development and application of solar energy and solar cells. This creates export opportunities for the sector.

What is Solar Energy International?

With an average of 1,500 solar hours per year, the Netherlands seems an unlikely place to generate solar energy. For comparison, the French city of Marseille has double the amount of solar hours. However, despite this difference, the Netherlands generated the most solar energy per household in the world in 2023.

Solar energy is vital in achieving the Netherlands' climate goals and reducing global CO2 emissions. Light-conducting materials, also called Photovoltaic (PV) materials, are significant for the production of solar panels, which are used to generate this type of renewable energy.

Dutch researchers and companies have been at the top of the international PV sector for decades. They focus not only on research but also on practical applications. For example, they improve manufacturing processes to make solar panels more efficient. Or create innovations that simplify the implementation of solar energy in existing environments. In the Netherlands, where sunshine is limited and space is scarce, there is a strong need for these innovative solutions.

Solar Energy International is part of the International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP).

For whom?

The Solar Energy International programme focuses on parties active in the renewable energy sector, specifically solar energy. These companies and organisations must also be prepared to do business abroad.

Why invest in solar energy?

The Dutch solar energy sector and PV companies excel in creating and implementing innovative solar energy solutions, such as for buildings, sound barriers, roads, and water. Dutch companies are also engaged in producing solar panel manufacturing machines.

The solar energy programme supports companies in the Netherlands in entering new markets abroad collectively. Additionally, this programme can connect you with foreign companies interested in Dutch solar energy expertise and solutions. It does so through:

  • creating groups through which public-private partnerships can focus on specific foreign markets;
  • enhancing the visibility of the Dutch PV sector;
  • improving access for businesses in the Netherlands to knowledge institutions, companies and governments in target countries;
  • improving the links between the Dutch embassies and sustainable energy companies in the Netherlands.

High-potential countries in the solar energy sector

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sector organisations focus on a number of countries with export potential. This list is subject to change depending on international developments.

The following countries have the most business potential for PV companies:

  • Europe
  • Gulf Region
  • India
  • United States

Market reports

Market reports can help you to prepare for new markets abroad. To learn more about business opportunities in the solar energy sector in a specific country, visit our list of market reports.

NL Solar Guide

The NL Solar Guide contains information on the latest trends and developments in the Dutch solar energy sector. It also advises on rules and regulations, describes the business environment, and provides a snapshot of the sector.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) organises many exciting events on solar energy. We are present in our booths at important exhibitions. Visit our events page (in Dutch) for the latest overview.


The Dutch solar energy sector cooperates with the following partners:

In collaboration with the partners above, RVO founded a collective to strengthen the Dutch solar energy sector. The group consists of 30 companies. When possible, they act together on foreign markets.


Through RVO's International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) programme, the government of the Netherlands supports entrepreneurs from the sustainable energy sector in doing business abroad. ICEP organises activities such as trade missions and other events to support the sector. The programme consists of the following themes:

More information

Would you like to know more about international business opportunities in the solar energy sector, ICEP, or how the Netherlands Enterprise Agency can support you in doing business abroad? Our advisors are happy to assist you.

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