International organisations

Published on:
6 May 2019
Last checked on:
7 November 2019

Every year, international organisations spend billions of euros on projects in developing countries and emerging markets. This results in tenders and assignments that could be interesting for your business.

When doing business with international organisations, good preparation and an effective strategy are essential. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has various possibilities to support your company. We can help you explore opportunities, develop a strategy and position your company and its products.


Our advisors can help you free of charge with various services or combinations of services. Our experts provide information and advice on funding and subsidies. We help you with our worldwide network of embassies and other government representatives, giving you access to the right contacts. At the same time, we facilitate visits abroad and participation in trade missions. We also advocate Dutch know-how and expertise in the top sectors, such as water management, energy and agriculture. Our business tools help you with the following services:

  • consultation about opportunities and possibilities for your company;
  • answers to your questions via email, telephone or in the form of an information pack;
  • networks and contacts at international organisations, both head offices and in specific countries;
  • participation in events with international organisations in the Netherlands or abroad. For announcements, subscribe to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency international newsletter and join our LinkedIn page;
  • participation in missions;
  • availability of sector reports. We have designated a limited number of focus sectors per organisation.

If we think your company has a good chance of success, and you have ambitions to enter international markets, you can arrange long-term support and cooperation with us. In a tailor-made approach, we will determine which route is best suited to you and what we, as a government agency, can do for you at various stages of this process.

Promising companies

Foreign markets are complex and demanding, even with the help of international organisations to help you get orders, finance and form partnerships, for example, public-private partnerships. Are you already internationally active as a company and would you like to enter new markets in the next phase? Then it may be worth exploring the opportunities open to you through international organisations. In foreign markets, you must allow time to position your products and company. You must be committed and persevere for longer than 6-18 months.

If you are interested, then we will be happy to discuss your ambitions, any business cases and the role that we can play. In exceptional cases, we can also support new, innovative companies. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Subsidies and programmes

We can support you with Netherlands Enterprise Agency subsidies and programmes, for example:

  • Partners for International Business (PIB): support for groups of companies and knowledge institutions that want to jointly enter a foreign market;
  • DHI: a subsidy scheme for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and investment studies.

Request a market study

TIO publishes market studies about promising sectors abroad. These studies show which sectors in a specific country offer exciting business opportunities. Have a look at our list and request a market study.

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