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Through the coastline and many rivers, the Dutch have knowledge and experience in water security and safety. We are eager to share our know-how on, for example, protection against flooding, drought and water pollution. Many developing countries need support to increase their knowledge of potential solutions. Such support will enable them to strengthen their institutes and infrastructure.

Would you like to help increase water security and water safety around the world? Businesses, NGOs and knowledge institutes are welcome to join and make a difference. See the programmes to learn what you can do to help or read one of our showcases on water.


There are many innovative and sustainable water projects in developing countries thinkable. Your project may be about access to fresh drinking water. Your project may solve clean water issues in developing countries. Or, your project may focus on water and sanitation, including health issues. But the overflow or scarcity of water can also be the focus of a project. Maybe you excel at water management. Maybe you have an innovative solution to improve water quality by purifying water. In many regions, the price of water is too high. Often, water is not available for communities in rural areas.

For a diversity of projects, our subsidies and programmes can help fund your ideas and work.

Looking for inspiration?

Read about the experiences of business owners who took part in water projects.

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