Renewable energy for all

Last checked on:
1 May 2024
Published on:
8 March 2021

Worldwide, hundreds of millions of households do not have access to energy. Or they only have access to polluting fuels for cooking. Companies and organisations help accelerate access to renewable energy and the green energy transition with sustainable and creative solutions. Would you like to contribute to renewable energy access in developing countries? Learn more about how we can support you.

Ensuring access to renewable energy together

In 2021, around 675 million people did not have access to electricity. 2.3 billion people did not have access to modern cooking facilities. This affects their quality of life and opportunities for economic development. It also affects the climate.

The Netherlands is committed to ensuring access to renewable energy and encouraging green energy in developing countries. We contribute by sharing our knowledge and innovations. Together with partners, the goal is to ensure that by 2030, 100 million people will have access to renewable energy.

What does the Netherlands Enterprise Agency do?

We contribute to renewable energy access, CO2 reduction and the acceleration of the energy transition with programmes such as Climate and Energy Response Facility (CERF), Energising Development (EnDev), SDG 7 Results, SEE-Clean Cooking: African Biodigester Component (ABC) and Higher Tier Cooking Component (HTCC), and Young Expert Programmes - Energy (YEP Energy).

These programmes focus on access to electricity through solar energy, clean cooking solutions such as biogas, biomass pellets and electric cooking, and climate mitigation and the green energy transition, among other things.

We support projects and partnerships that:

  • Provide access to renewable energy for households;
  • Develop and strengthen markets for modern, clean energy facilities;
  • Accelerate the transition to green energy;
  • Help develop energy policies and regulations in developing countries.

How can we support you?

Are you an entrepreneur? Or do you work at an NGO, knowledge institute, government or social organisation? And do you want to contribute to renewable energy access for all?

What have our projects achieved?

Here are a few highlights of what our projects have achieved up until and including 2023:

For more background information on our projects, visit our project database.

Renewable energy projects in practice

Watch our videos on projects in Kenya and Bangladesh.

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